Ombre's Published White Paper Study
We recently published a white paper with (n=99) patients who have gone on our program and accomplished 2 things: 

  1. Improvement in self-reported symptoms in areas like digestion, immunity, weight, and mental health

  2. Improvement in their microbiome makeup with increase in probiotics, decrease in pathogenic bacteria, and moderate change in diversity (ie: from an unhealthy to healthier state)

Ombre's Proprietary Public Research Algorithm
Our recommendations also use data that utilizes every single microbiome research article (~50,000) and we grade each recommendation with our research confidence algorithm. 

More specifically, every single one of our recommendations come with a grading scale to determine how strong the science is for a certain recommendation. 

The different areas we are review are: in vivo, in vitro, human samples, duration of study, and double-blind placebo. Based on our analysis, we will give a recommendation the following grades:

•Strong - There are vast amount of human studies and double-blind placebo
•Medium - There are moderate amount of human studies and double-blind placebo
•Emerging - The data looks promising but studies are too recent and limited.
•Mixed - There are conflicting research on this recommendation. Take it with a grain of salt.

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